Client Interview: Pacific Driver Education

Word of mouth is always a good way to see if a business might be able to provide the services that can help you. And Steve Lents, owner, and instructor at Pacific Driver Education - which provides driver's education training for teens and adults as well as DMV testing through three driving schools in the Oregon area - speaks well of his experience with Solutions Afoot and Caspio.

"We were in need of compressing our disjointed system into one platform - CRM, Vehicle Maintenance, Client Communications, and some minor invoicing issues," Lents said. He did a Google search looking for businesses that could help and found out about Caspio and Solutions Afoot. "I had a good feeling that they could supply the services needed."
And they did. "They helped me to create a cohesive system which saved me a great deal of time," he said.

For starters, "They did an interface into a software program called Aquity. We were already using that, but they took it up about five notches." He describes his business as "kind of like a multifaceted geometric pattern ... Each connection is something I need to manage, and because the business grew so fast it kind of got away from us and we've been struggling to keep track of different things." For instance, all their cars have to be certified by the Division of Motor Vehicles, and cameras and instructive brakes are among the special equipment that has to be maintained. Plus there's the need to know which staff members are operating which vehicles at any given time, general HR matters for his growing staff, and more.

"All those connections are brought together inside Caspio," he said. "It seems to be so flexible that I can do all that." He compared working with the system to a lesson his son taught him about how to juice a lime in a certain way to get a lot more juice out of it than the way he was familiar with. "What we want is to get the extra juice out, and that requires somebody who knows how to do that," he said. Caspio and Solutions Afoot "helped me connect all the dots."

As he learns more about the system, and how to incorporate multiple facets into it, he expects the process to get even easier. "Once I get that built," he said, "I can sit back and not worry so much." Pacific Driver Education has been in business for just over ten years now. "My wife and I started it in 2010," Lents said. "We have grown from the two of us and one employee to twelve employees and 11 vehicles. We are always looking for good employees."

You can find out more about their business at
And you can hear more about Steve's experience working with Solutions Afoot during a webinar we are holding on February 3, 2022, where he will be one of the speakers. We will have more details about signing up for the free webinar on our website in the next few days.

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