Solutions Afoot is the one and only premier Gold Caspio-Certified Partner, meaning that our team is not only certified to help you develop your application, but can also help you determine and navigate what Caspio plan will be the best fit for your custom Caspio project. 

We are a team of experts ready to take charge when it comes to your Caspio project, backed with impressive skills and experience to support your project needs. As a Gold Caspio-Certified Partner, Solutions Afoot has access to greater resources than any freelance developer could offer. 

Not sure what Caspio is or how it can help? Take less than 10 minutes to watch the platform overview provided by Caspio. Then scroll down the page to take a look at their paid plans and even our Pay-As-You-Grow plan which is used by the majority of our clients.  


Caspio Pricing Table

You can easily access Caspio's website and scroll through the 55+ table rows that display the differences between their plans. You are also more than welcome to try their free plan, but it will be very limiting regarding functionality and your pages will all show the Caspio logo when you try to deploy them on your website.

For that reason, we have written a brief paragraph for their four paid plans that will help you determine which of the following is best for your organization. 


As the first of their paid plans, this plan lets you remove the Caspio branding from your application so it can easily be used for public-facing projects. It allows for up to 20 datapages and 500,000 data records. This is great for most projects as datapages can go a long way. The biggest downside of this plan is that you will NOT be able to access their API to connect Caspio with any other cloud-based software and this includes Zapier.


Like the Explore Plan, the biggest downside of this plan is that you will NOT be able to access their API to connect Caspio with any other cloud-based software and this includes Zapier. The upside to this plan is it allows upt to 50 datapages and 1,000,000 data records. In addition, this plan enables the distance search feature which allows you to create location-based applications with proximity search and calculated distances. In addition, you can utilize pivot tables with drilldown (similar to Excel pivot tables).


This is the most popular plan for most of our clients. The reason is it allows for use of Caspio's API and Zapier integration. You can store up to 2,000,000 data records, create up to 100 datapages, and additional pages are only $1 instead of $10. This is great for larger projects and for projects that need to utilize Caspio's database as a central hub for collecting data from other cloud-based applications your organization is using.


You will need this plan if you are needing more 14 or more days of daily backup retention, 50 GB of file storage, and 300 datapages. The real reason most companies look into this plan is the need ensure HIPAA and FERPA compliance, GovCloud - FIPS 104-2 compliance, and audit trail and 2nd layer encryption. In addition, separate Caspio accounts can be provided for internal use (development, QA, training, etc.) and a private cloud can even be setup for your organization.


If you have not already created a Caspio account, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to contact us before creating one. There have been a number of times we start working with a client only to learn they do not have the Growth Plan and want to utilize it's API features. They selected either the Explore or Build plans for financial reasons.

You might be asking, "How can we utilize Caspio if we need the API benefits of the Growth Plan, but do not want to spend the $500 per month given the smaller size of our project?" Well, WE HAVE A SOLUTION for you. If you do not yet have a Caspio plan, we can create your project within our plan and help get you up and running at a fraction of the cost. Our Pay-As-You-Grow plan starts at $50 per month but gives you many of the benefits associated with the Growth plan. We are happy to discuss this plan with you during your complimentary consultation.


Are you ready to dive in? Make sure to schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts today!