Client Testimonial:  Vander Weele Group

Client Testimonial - Vander Weele Group

Since it was founded in 2003, the Vander Weele Group has grown into an industry leader in the field of monitoring grants and overseeing large-scale grant programs nationwide. 
And Solutions Afoot is helping the Chicago-based firm continue to grow and prepare for the future.

Gary Reed, the company's Director of Early Intervention Monitoring, explains that Vander Weele's purpose is to oversee the execution of grant funding. "We ensure that the monies that are being applied or provided in the various communities are being used as defined in legislation or local, state, and city policy or laws," he said. "The support that we provide could happen at the federal level all the way down to a municipality or city-level office." 

Vander Weele uses deep analysis and up-to-date knowledge of federal and state regulatory guidance to help its clients. The firm practices what it describes as "Meaningful Monitoring," which as Vander Weele's website ( explains, "asks not only if programs are compliant and meeting objectives, but whether they are meeting them well... We believe that oversight should not be punitive, but a meaningful process that improves both program compliance AND quality."

Reed leads a team responsible for providing technical assistance for Vander Weele, and as a result, he is always on the lookout for ways the company can best use the latest tech innovations to further its mission. "In today's age you need to be ahead of technology, or at least in line with technology," Reed said. 

Vander Weele has faced challenges in finding the most efficient and effective technology to suit its needs and has looked at different firms and various ways to address those needs.
"We have had our challenges when it came to technology when it comes to technology and being efficient and effective," he said. "A lot of our work comes in the way of data collection," he explained, so Vander Weele needed a database and a software application that would be proficient at collecting and analyzing data. Vander Weele got in touch with Solutions Afoot and found they could help develop software to meet the firm's needs.

Reed described his experience with Solutions Afoot as "a great working relationship" and has been impressed with how far the working relationship between the two companies has grown from the first application Solutions Afoot helped them with to today. "They've really come a long way," he said. "It's been a great partnership in that regard... The software has been a huge benefit to what we provide for the communities we support."

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