Solutions Afoot is proud to announce the partnership with Vonage Communications. Through this partnership, along with Caspio, we were able to help meet one of the necessary needs of the Ukraine Crisis, by developing a custom learning system to educate the displaced refugees.  The UA English Club is designed to erase borders and connect volunteers around the world with kids who need education, kindness, and some fun while they're unable to attend school.  The learning application that we at Solutions Afoot built, allows volunteers to teach and support the Ukrainian children, during this crisis. 

The UA English Club's custom application has created a benchmark for other custom learning applications, as well as many additional custom communication applications, utilizing our partnership with Vonage and Caspio. Learn more on how Solutions Afoot and Vonage can partner together to create your own custom, breaking edge system. 

Ukraine Learning App
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The power of communication technology is rapidly growing in today's advancements in business solutions across many industries. Solutions Afoot became partners with Vonage Communication in 2022, bringing top of the industry resources, such as VoIP, SMS, Video API, and more. 

With the combined resources from Vonage APIs and Solutions Afoot's custom development process, we can take your systems to a new level. 

How does this impact your custom-built application with Solutions Afoot? Vonage Communication API's allow you to integrate communication API's directly into your custom software application with ease. Creating a more valuable user experience, providing more efficiency among employee workflow, and more! 

What does Vonage + Solutions Afoot offer?

Vonage Communication Services

Communications APIs: Be there, build that

Gather your group with our Video API—great for live interactive video calls, virtual tech support, telehealth appointments, remote learning, and more. Stop bots and hackers with our Verify API and convenient two-factor authentication. Or get social with real-time messaging on popular social apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Vonage does that (and a lot more).


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