Custom Solutions for Franchise Owners

Custom Solutions for Franchise Owners

Among the services Solutions Afoot and Caspio provides; are opportunities to create custom software, specifically for clients of any size, including multi-location franchises, with an eye toward meeting their precise needs rather than relying on generic software that doesn’t meet their specific needs. 

The customization can be as specific as possible to meet the client's individual needs. That includes creating custom software to meet the human resources needs of owners of multi-unit franchisees.

One example, said Chris Vaughan, partner and CKO of Solutions Afoot, is a recent collaboration with a Florida-based company that owns more than 60 franchise locations for a Fortune 100 company. 

The company "contacted us to assist with their operational management portal," Vaughan said.” The franchise provides ways for potential employees to apply for a job at the specific location but does not provide a robust way for them to manage these applications."

Caspio is a custom development platform that allows for the scheduling of interviews with the General Manager at each location. If the potential employee is hired, the GM then can schedule an orientation at one of the company's training locations.

"The instructors and supervisors are able to run reports on all registrations and attendees," Vaughan explained. "As an employee looks towards being promoted, they can apply through the portal we are creating and that triggers a whole new flow of approval/rejection at the GM and Supervisor level."

Throughout the process, he said, users are able to view a calendar that pertains to either everything associated with that type of training or to their individual meetings.

The Solutions Afoot team also created a QR code labeling platform for the company's equipment, which being in the restaurant industry requires careful monitoring and tracking of information as inventory wears out, becomes outdated, or needs to be replaced.

"In each facility, they have a lot of equipment - refrigerators, ovens, etc.," Vaughan said. The QR code includes information on the year the equipment was purchased, the company or brand that made it, the condition of the equipment, any warranties, and other such information. "We generate a QR code for each piece of equipment and they print out a label and stick it on it," according to Vaughan. "That way, someone can scan the equipment and see all the specs."

It's another way Solutions Afoot and Caspio can help clients keep track of their data and streamline their operations. To find out what we can do for you, contact Solutions Afoot and schedule a complimentary consultation at


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