How Government Agencies Can Digitally Transform With Solutions Afoot

Government agencies face immense pressure to digitize services, fast-track emergency programs and become more accessible to their constituents, especially in times of crisis. As they shift from legacy systems and analog processes to modern government software solutions, they deal with budget pressures and citizen demands — two factors that account for 75% of drivers forcing governments to digitally transform.

However, only 13% of government agencies are digitally “maturing.” The majority of these organizations are either still “developing” or are in their “early” stages.

And unlike their corporate counterparts, government bodies carry the added responsibility of exercising diligence in handling taxpayer money while complying with stringent data security policies and working around legacy infrastructure. 

So how can these organizations move forward? How can they make the digital transformation necessary to meet the needs of their constituents?

The answer lies in choosing the right software solution. Modern government software needs to be easy to use yet powerful enough to handle complex processes. It needs to be cloud-based so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. And most importantly, it needs to be secure. With so much sensitive data being exchanged, security is paramount. Caspio is one such software.

What is Caspio? You can read more about Caspio in our blog "LOW CODE ≠ NO CODE"

With Solutions Afoot and Caspio’s easy-to-use government software development platform, you can modernize your department with low code and extend it even further by empowering non-IT professionals. The research found that 63% of those who used this type of technology reported being equipped to fulfill the demand for custom apps when compared to just 41%. In addition, implementing an agile methodology will speed up app building while providing constant feedback from users about what needs changing or improving which ultimately makes them better suited than ever before to fulfilling mission-critical tasks.  (  Low Code: The BusinessTransformation Game-Changer)

Government agencies have a lot of work to do in order to keep up with the times and meet the needs of their constituents. This means making sure that they have the right tools and solutions in place, which can be a daunting task with so many options on the market. That's where Caspio comes in. The low-code platform makes it easy for agencies to find a solution that fits their specific needs, and Gold Partner Solutions Afoot can provide additional support and expertise. Schedule your discovery today to see how we can help you improve service delivery and streamline operations.

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