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Celebrating Women in Tech: Why Diversity Matters in Technology Industry

The technology industry isn’t known for its lack of diversity. In fact, it’s one of the most male-dominated industries out there. According to a recent Statista survey, more than 90% of software developers identified as male as of 2021, and fewer than 6% identified as female. But don’t let these disheartening stats fool you; women have made some massive contributions to technology over the years – and we at Solutions Afoot are proud to celebrate our female tech professionals this month! 

The Benefits of Having Women on Your Technology Team 

When it comes to having a diverse team, there are many advantages. Studies have shown that teams that include members from different backgrounds and perspectives bring unique ideas and approaches when tackling complex problems. Having a diverse team also allows you to gain insights from different parts of the world, which can be beneficial when developing new products or services. Additionally, a diverse team is often better equipped to identify potential issues with new technologies before they hit the market. 

At Solutions Afoot, we value all our technology team members, especially this month as we highlight our women tech professionals. From developers and testers to project managers and designers, our female tech professionals bring not only their talent but also years of expertise in this ever-evolving field. Our female technology professionals are dedicated to helping us stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and development while also providing us with valuable feedback on current projects. 


Women Pioneers in Technology 

It would be remiss not to mention some of the pioneering women who changed the face of technology as we know it today. Ada Lovelace was one such woman who is credited with creating the first algorithm for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine back in 1843 — making her a true pioneer in computing science! 

The first computer programmer hire was Grace Hopper who was hired by Harvard University during World War II – she earned her place among other computing pioneers by inventing early computing languages like COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language). 

And last but certainly not least is Hedy Lamarr – an actress who created frequency hopping for secure radio communication during World War II – which paved the way for modern WiFi networks!   These women have made major strides in getting people interested in computer science and inspiring others to innovate! 


Women Pioneers at Solutions Afoot

Getting things done and keeping the ball rolling, that's Nikki Roach! This serial entrepreneur is one of the partners of a firm, always on top of her game to make sure everything runs smoothly. An eye for new opportunities? You know she’s got it covered – yup this girl has major hustle power. 


Kelsey Hart is a force to be reckoned with - with her passion to excel in the tech and media industry, her impressive Digital Marketing and Caspio development background combined with Media Director duties at the church are just some of the feathers in this lady's cap! Kelsey's eagerness to learn about the tech industry prompted her to dip her toes in and began self-teaching herself the trade. Not only that, she has an amazing split-brain ability that allows her brain to create AND analyze simultaneously. Truly incredible stuff going on here.


Bianka Stubblefield is no ordinary woman! Having up-rooted in St. Croix and serving nine years on active duty for the U.S. Air Force, plus continuing to serve with the Texas National Guard - there's more than just grit under this girl's belt buckle! Not content to remain idle; she also decided two master's degrees were needed: Healthcare Informatics & Analytics, coupled with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Her aim? To combine her specialized niche knowledge of data engineering applications development into improving workflow processes - now that takes dedication!

Jahmila Hurst is the newest female member of the Solutions Afoot team and brings her extensive background in Quality Assurance to Solutions Afoot. She is Solutions Afoot's first official QA Analyst to join the team, bringing our developers and clients peace of mind with their finished application. Jahmila, also eager to learn, made a career change about 5 years ago, to take her future to the next step, exploring programming. Awarded the opportunity of a selective application process, Jahmaila dove into a boot-camp program, advancing her knowledge in programming and technical solutions. She also currently is Solutions Afoot's only team member that is CompTIA+ certified, an Information & Technology certification. That takes some serious dedication & commitment! 


At Solutions Afoot, we recognize that having diverse teams leads to better results overall – so this month we are celebrating our amazing female technology professionals! By highlighting their accomplishments, we hope to inspire others along their journey into STEM careers while also giving them recognition for their hard work and dedication. We believe that diversity is essential for any organization looking to succeed in today's competitive landscape; you never know where your next great idea may come from! So don't forget about all those incredible women who have helped make modern technology what it is today – from Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper all the way up to our own Nikki Roach, Kelsey Hart, Bianka Stubblefield and
Jahmila Hurst! Let's continue this celebration all year round! To learn more about the team members including our female superstars, please visit our TEAM PAGE!

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