Small Tech Companies are Hiring During the Industry Slowdown

The tech industry has been hit particularly hard in recent months. From Amazon to Apple, companies large and small have had to make difficult decisions in order to survive the pandemic. estimates that more than 140,000 people were laid off from tech companies in just November of 2020 alone. But while this news may be disheartening for many tech professionals, there is a silver lining: small tech companies are still hiring! 

Finding the Right Fit 

For years small tech companies have had difficulty finding the best candidates for their teams, often due to a lack of resources or brand recognition. Now with a surge of laid-off professionals available on the job market, it’s easier than ever for small companies to find top-tier talent and build their dream teams. Many of these professionals may also be more open to working at smaller companies that offer different benefits such as a closer-knit team environment or more flexible hours. For example, some small startups are able to offer remote work options that larger corporations simply can’t match. 

In addition, many of these laid-off professionals may be willing to take less pay for the opportunity to join an exciting new project or company culture—something that is priceless when it comes to gaining experience and knowledge. This could present a great opportunity for smaller companies that want access to experienced professionals but don’t want (or can’t afford) high salaries associated with larger organizations. 

Upward Mobility 

The current market reduction also provides an opportunity for laid-off tech pros to expand their skill set into new areas or pursue roles they never thought possible before—from specialized software engineering positions to data science projects—the possibilities are endless! As smaller businesses become more competitive and begin offering attractive packages and benefits, these opportunities will only become more accessible over time. Furthermore, these new roles could potentially lead to higher salaries and longer job security down the line—something that was much harder before layoffs occurred across the industry. 

We Are Hiring Tech Professionals 

Solutions Afoot is a small tech company based in North America and is looking for qualified developers with a background in Caspio's low-code / no-code platform. Solutions Afoot is Caspio's only Gold Partner and we take pride in our expert developers.


Apply Qualifications:

 Must have experience in working with and creating technical specs

 Must be self-driven & motivated

 Must be organized

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