The Death of the Lovable Characters in Fast Food Franchises

Do you remember the fun marketing that fast food franchises used to do? Ronald McDonald, The Burger King, Wendy's, and Colonel Sanders were all lovable characters who helped draw attention to these restaurants. But what happened to them? Why have these franchises gone to boring rock models? I contend that fast food may be inadvertently killing creativity in our children.

Imagine you have three energetic boys and you have been on the road for some time. You have looked for a place for them to burn off that energy and the adults in the group to take a mental break after being coupled in the box on wheels for the last 4 hours. What are you to do? As a parent, it’s frustrating that many of the great fast-food spots lack the fun characters that can keep your kids entertained.

Once upon a time, each of these characters had a unique backstory. The McDonald’s characters regularly featured in TV spots and even appeared in stores. There was even a TV series made about their adventures, called The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald. They aren’t the only restaurant that used its mascots to create a better in-store experience. Burger King routinely employed performers to dress as the King and entertain the kids in the restaurant.

Today, though, this is rare outside of special events. Sometimes, it’s because of the costs associated with hiring performers and the bulky costumes involved. Ronald McDonald, went on hiatus because a spate of creepy clown sightings scared US customers. Wendy can now only be found online, making snarky comments on social media.

Those that have stuck around, like Burger King, have had their roles reduced to mere advertising spokespeople. Any meaningful connection between KFC and Colonel Sanders, outside of a secret recipe and interesting story, has long since faded.

Visiting the restaurant with children isn’t quite the same after these characters were killed off. For example, there is no need for vigilance to protect burgers from the mischievous Hamburgerular. Gone is the sensation of being royalty in a Burger King. Outside of a few basic toys, there is nothing left to engage the imagination of children.

The good news is that this can create an opportunity. The fast-food franchises have allowed themselves to stagnate and become dull. You might want to create a new raft of characters for your business that captures the imagination of children and parents alike. When done right, you can turn a fast-food franchise into a destination, rather than just another place to have lunch. Plus, you will be able to help stimulate the imagination and creativity of children, aiding their mental development.

This isn’t as difficult as it might sound. You can use Caspio and its low-code software development tools. This will allow you to keep track of mascot and their performance. For example, you will be able to see how many people attended each store and what was ordered each day. You even can create multiple mascots. If this sounds like it could benefit you, Solutions Afoot can help you get this system set up. So, allow us to bring the joy back to the fast-food franchise, go to to learn more.

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