Client Testimonial:  Jeff Henrich - HelpMD

Client Testimonial - Jeff Henrich - HelpMD

With the assistance of Solutions Afoot, Jeff Henrich is developing a business that will help people manage their healthcare needs with fewer visits to doctors' offices.

After 20 years running a financial company and managing various financial and IT-related tasks, he and his wife Kay Henrich had a chance to take over the fledging HelpMD, a company that assists people who often avoided healthcare centers because of the skyrocketing costs of medicine, prescriptions, and treatments, as well as the inconvenience and stress of dealing with in-person doctor visits. 

Henrich had personal experiences from a time in his life when he did not have insurance and was fearful of seeing a doctor for basic needs. and knew that the use of telemedicine had grown in popularity in recent years, not just during the COVID-19 pandemic but beyond, as people had grown more comfortable turning to virtual visits. 

In many cases, basic needs could be handled and general advice from medical professionals could be handled remotely.

But to set up a way for patients and doctors to easily and efficiently share and exchange information, it was important for HelpMD to find the right partner, and that's where Solutions Afoot came in, collaborating with HelpMD to create portals that could be used as a substitute for frequent hospital visits in many cases, and to get a better idea of when it was time for an in-person visit rather than a virtual one. 

Solutions Afoot was able to set up options to help patients easily register and get appointments with secure telecommunication tools, including video, audio, and text. The company also created a user-friendly "join now" page and ways to keep in touch with the clients and keep them from being overwhelmed by the process.

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